About Us

Purely Pets is an Australian owned, family run small business situated on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland. 

We are all about selling quality goods, we go to the extreme of testing every product that come into our hands to make sure it is something that we would buy ourselves. We have an arsenal of product testers at our disposal who are all extremely happy putting new products through their paces.

As we are selling quality products, we also pride ourselves on our customer service and take this extremely seriously, no matter what the circumstance. Over 20 years in retail, we have learned the importance of customer service and making our customers feel like they are a valued part of our Purely Pets family.

We may not have a warehouse the size of a small city or our own fleet of trucks, but what we do have is a dedicated team striving to make your experience with us as easy as possible. Your not just a number to us and we want it to stay that way so if you have any concerns or questions at all, please get in contact with us.

We love our pets, they are our babies, part of our family and we would do anything for them.