Aussie Dog Blue Flying Disc - Soft Floating Dog Toy Frisbee

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The Aussie Dog Blue Flying Disc.  It is the ultimate flying toy for dogs.  The unique centre hub prevents the disc from lying flat meaning that your dog will always be able to pick it up.

With a bit of practice, you will have it flying like a condor in no time!


  • Floats on water
  • Durable - Made from non-toxic flexible material
  • Unique design
  • Easy to pick up
  • UV stabilized plastic
  • Interactive play (not alone play)
  • Suitable for all size dogs
  • Measures 24cm approx.
  • Made in Australia


  • This is an interactive product only and is not designed as an alone play chew toy.
  • Always monitor your dog's behaviour with the product to ensure safe play.